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About Me

First of all, I am so glad you paid me a visit! It is my sincere prayer that you will leave having found answers, peace, support, and encouragement.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding my faith, or suggestions as to what topics you would like me to address in this blog!


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Hi! I’m Morgan. Random Facts about me:

-I am a blackbelt in Shotokan karate

-love Reese Cups

-shooting targets is a hobby

-wannabe cake decorator

-aspiring dentist

-called to missions (although I haven’t been yet)

-2 pets (a Rottweiler and a brother)

Born in small town, USA, you could say I have a fairly decent measure of “good raisin’”. From the back of an old-blue-padded church pew, I learned the basics:

Yes m’am/No m’am

Sit up straight

Pay attention

Obey parents (or risk getting beat in front of ‘errybody)

Stick close to grandma—she has the good candy

Read your Bible

Bless the food

Prayers before bed


I still remember red poinsettias placed in patches throughout the church, and the green velvet dress I was wearing the night I asked Jesus to come into my heart one Christmas season.  I was 7.

But you know, as I got older, I struggled a little bit with the idea of God.  Why can’t I see Him?  How is Christianity different from any other religion? 

Despite small questions of doubt resounding in my mind, at the end of the day, there was always a greater voice within me that said, “Yes, God is who He says He is.”

For me, I see God in the sunset.  I see God in the cloudy day, and I’m captivated by His starry night.  I see God in mountain landscapes and lilies and waterfalls.  I see God in His creation.

Questions doubting God became, “How could this have come from nothing? How could I come from chance?  The complex design of hearing, sight, taste, smell… There’s no way we’re coincidental…

Now, at age 20, I can assure every reader that I am not a Christian because of my parents, or because it gives me what some label a “naïve sense of hope”.

I’ve experienced the gospel led by tradition, and I’ve experienced the gospel led by the Holy Spirit. For years, I had it so wrong. Throughout high school I tried to live the “model” Christian lifestyle, but somehow it was so dry. Deep down I was depressed, lonely, and insecure. I defined my worth through my grades, or awards, how many friends I had or how many guys tried to date me… Which was an exhausting rollercoaster of emotions, and opened my heart to deeper sins. I picked up certain habits, and when I started feeling convicted I would say a little half-hearted prayer of forgiveness and try to forget about it. In my mind, I was still seeking God and living as a Christian. But really, I was just being a hypocrite… Feeding my selfish desires one moment, claiming God and His promises the next, and ignoring or arguing with Him when He told me, “No.”

It doesn’t work that way. And I learned that… The hard way. By getting burned with the fire I flirted with. When that brought me to my knees in brokenness, to truly face my sin and fully surrender, God was right there waiting with more love than I had EVER experienced in my life. When all I deserved was a cave in the lowest pit of hell, He offered freedom. The Holy Spirit has become my best friend and greatest encourager. Francis Frangipane explains it best, “The Word is God. The Scriptures are not God, but the Spirit that breathes through the words is God… As you kneel in humility before the Lord, the Word will be engrafted into your soul, actually becoming a part of your nature (James 1:21).” The Word IS alive… And I have experienced that manifested physically, visually, emotionally, and spiritually. I no longer have to ride off of other’s faith and claims of truth, because the Holy Spirit is showing me first hand how the Word is TRULY truth and just as powerful in my life as it was in the lives’ of the disciples.

I can honestly and passionately say that I do not miss the lifestyle (certain music, tv programs, movies, clothes, relationships, friendships, thoughts, speech, actions, etc.) I fought (and still fight) to kill in order to experience the indescribably beautiful and exciting LIFE made possible by the passionate love Jesus Christ had and will always have for me.

God has been showing me over the past year what a life truly led by His Spirit looks like, and for those who have knowledge of that but haven’t experienced it… I encourage you to give up everything and let God encounter you. Because when you  truly experience His Presence, you’ll know it. It’s a reality that compels you with fiery passion and penetrates and transforms every area of your life. 

It does not matter who you are, it does not matter how bad your situation is, it does not matter what you’ve lost and it does not matter how large the army coming against you seems to be. I see the Holy Spirit answering prayers, breaking chains, and energizing young and old alike. God is training and empowering a generation of game-changers like never before, and the game is soon to be changed.

If you’re looking for just another “short and sweet” daily devotional, then this blog probably isn’t for you. It has become my mission to reach as many homes as possible with the Gospel of Christ. I will be sharing daily struggles, victories, lessons learned, as well as dreams and revelation as God speaks to me. This isn’t about “church games”, this is about being 100% real and incandescently passionate about Christ Jesus.